Product Development Procedure

Euro Mediterranean Foods is striving to accommodate for the needs and requirements of our customers. We are capable of handling the entire product development process, including:

  • Product development from the initial concept to final approval, including all sampling and testing requirements.
  • Creation of all documentation including detailed recipe development, QMP and HACCP documentation and all related labeling.
  • Thorough logistics documentation and planning.
  • Detailed non-compliance response and review processes.


Packaging Options

Euro Mediterranean Foods can provide a convenient variety of packaging options designed to facilitate transportation, storage and consumption of our products. Our current packaging options include:

  • Food service standard pails in a variety of sizes.
  • Individual and cased vertical form-filled pouching, from 200g to 2.9kg volumes, with custom branding
  • Round Deli Containers ranging from 8 oz to 32 oz
  • Sachet Dressing Packs ranging from 10ml to 70ml.

Allergen Control

Euro Mediterranean Foods uses currently acceptable practices in using any ingredient which could be considered an allergen. This includes and of the major groups of allergens. Our production area is “peanut and tree-nut free”. Cross-contamination in manufacturing is prevented by adherence to standard operating procedures and the order of runs. Sanitation practices are validated by Quality Control checks to assure effectiveness of cleaning. Products are screened carefully for proper labeling prior to production and all known allergens will be listed. Euro Mediterranean Foods will continue to monitor allergens as the apply to the food industry. As CFIA polices change, we will review and apply all the latest guidelines.


Mediterranean Made Easy

Euro Mediterranean Foods is a producer and co-packer of quality food products based in Toronto, Ontario. Throughout our entire company history, we have been focused on maximizing the quality and value our customers derive from our products and are constantly re-evaluating our work in order to maximize our customers satisfaction.




With the experience we have accumulated for over a decade, we are committed in bringing you the required quality and consistent service for your steady and continued success.

We bring the wonderful and diverse flavors of the Mediterranean to your table.

We are Mediterranean Made Easy!


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