5 Olive Oils

Our company stands for the highest quality olive oil products and the utmost level of professional and
business integrity, along with ultimate customer satisfaction.

Our promise resides in every single drop of 5 Olive Oil by:

  • Supplying Highest Quality Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Employing Unprecedented Packaging Design
  • Offering Luxury, Healthy, High Nutritional Value Products
  •  Applying an Environment Friendly Approach and Using Recyclable Materials
  • Upholding the Highest Business Standards



Origin & History

5 Olive Oil

A host of archaeological evidence reveals the existence of olive trees in the Hellenic territory since the
Neolithic era, namely 7,000 years ago. The olive has been considered by Greeks a blessed fruit since
antiquity: an emblem of knowledge, wisdom, abundance, health, power and beauty. Legends, traditions,
religious and athletic ceremonies have relied upon it. The olive branch was awarded to the winners of
the Olympic Games since 776 B.C. and in antiquity symbolized the peace and mandatory truce all over
the world throughout the duration of the Games.


  • 5 Olive Oil was awarded at the 2012 Pentawards
  • “5” won a Gold Pentaward in Paris
  • Silver award of ED Awards in Helsinki
  • “5” won the first place winner in 2012
  • Best olive oil package design for 2013 in New York International Olive Oil competition.
  • Red Dot Design Award winner of 2012

  • Silver award of European Design Awards

  • Package design awards of Los Angeles, The Dieline Awards.