Our Company

“Mediterranean Made Easy!”

Euro Mediterranean Foods is a producer and co-packer of quality food products based in Toronto, Ontario. Throughout our entire company history, we have been focused on maximizing the quality and value our customers derive from our products and are constantly re-evaluating our work in order to maximize our customers’ satisfaction.

We utilize a thorough food safety system, consisting of detailed and audited HACCP plans and QMP processes to ensure consistently excellent product quality and safety.

This dedication to quality has provided us and our customers with strong, stable relationships rooted in mutual success. Indeed, our clients consistently select us as their first choice in new product development.



We offer a variety of food products that we manufacture, develop or import. We are dedicated to bringing you the best QUALITY and meet your production needs.

We support our LOCAL farmer and affiliated Canadian companies. 


We are able to provide custom packaging and label designing services of high quality by working for you and WITH you to meet all your needs in this sector.

All packaging materials are certified food-grade and free from biological, chemical and physical contaminants. All labelling complies with CFIA requirements.


Euro Mediterranean Foods utilizes a thorough Quality Management Practices system designed and implemented by appropriately trained staff.

Our HACCP plans are developed through a thorough analysis of each step in the production process and are designed to identify and mitigate any and all hazards from receipt of raw materials to shipping and storage of final product.