Product Range

Variety & Quality

Euro Mediterranean Foods has, over the more than 10 years of its operation, developed production capabilities to deal with a wide variety of product lines.

Our experienced, highly-skilled team has worked without ever-growing list of clients to develop and produce safe, quality and consistent products for many different uses.



Dips & Spreads

We produce a wide variety of dips & spreads, from our classic Mediterranean recipes, such as tzatziki, hummus, spicy feta spread and olive tapenade, to our custom-developed recipes such as spinach & goat cheese, honey-mustard & bacon and five cheese


Our expanding line of ready-to-serve sauces has been a main driver of customer satisfaction for Euro Mediterranean Foods. We have worked with our clients to ensure proper flavor, texture and consistency for sauces such as Alfredo, marinara, creamy garlic and maple bbq.


We have developed an extensive list of delicious antipastos and sides for our clients, including mixed olive antipasto, quinoa salads, spicy bean salads, spicy bean salads and many more.

Fillings & Dressing

We can offer you custom-designed fillings for sandwiches, spring rolls and any other need. Our product line also includes a variety of dressings of salads, meats and any other desired use, with flavor profiles ranging from Cesar dressing to our spiced mayonnaise flavors, including chipotle and horseradish.